Maxon Cinema 4D R11.5 Update

September 09th 2009: Maxon Cinema 4D R11.5 Update

REBUSfarm now also supports the Version 11.5 of Cinema 4D. As always, we continue the maintenance of the older versions of the application.

Promo: Free trial for 10 EUR and 3,9 cent / GHzh

August 12th 2009: Summer Special Deal: Free trial for 10 EUR and 3.9 cent /GHzh

Only for a limited time we offer a Summer Special Deal to the 3D community:

  • free trial, worth 10 EUR.
  • Special price of 9.9 cent / GHzh. Starting from 3.9 cent / GHzh at a 60% discount!

Feel free to test our system. Just create a new account and use the 10 EUR free trial.

Maxwell Rendering 50% Off

August 10th, 2009: Beta testing with Maxwell Render for 50% off

The integration of Maxwell Render into the REBUSfarm reaches beta status. Although the beta version already runs very stable, we cut down the price to our render farm service for the Maxwell community for the time being. This may help to apologize that some errors and bugs that may occur.

In the beginning Maxwell users pay half of the regular price, which is only 4.95 cent / GHzh instead of 9.9 cent /GHzh. Since Maxwell users benefit from the 10 EUR free trial as well, you will get an equivalent of 14 hours render time on a Intel Q6600 for free. Only that you will get it in only a few minutes...

Feel free to test our system. Just create a new account and use the 10 EUR free trial.

Max 2010 SP1

August 1st, 2009: Rebusfarm supports now 3D Studio Max 2010 Service Pack 1

We have installed Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) on the REBUSfarm. You will now benefit from the increased rendering performance based upon the new memory management of SP1.

Mental Ray Single-Frame Rendering

July 10th, 2009: Mental Ray Single-Frame Rendering

REBUSfarm supports now the single-frame rendering of 3D Studio MAX via Mental Ray. Your still image will be rendered with 800 cores. Our systems allows a Final Gather Prepass and supports Render Elements.

V-Ray Single-Frame

11.03.2009 V-Ray Single-Frame Rendering

REBUSfarm supports now the Single-Frame Rendering of 3D Studio MAX with V-Ray. Your stillimage will be rendered with 800 cores. Our systems allows a pre-calculation of the GI solution and supports Render Elements.

REBUSfarm goes 2500 GHz

August 1st 2008: REBUSfarm reaches a total capacity of 2500GHz

REBUSfarm quadruples its capacity within only a few months, outrunning the competition. Aside from their up-to-date and homogeneous configuration, it is worth mentioning that the capacity is reached with only 182 nodes, reducing network-overhead to a minimum. The rendering-slaves carry

  • Dual XEON E5420
  • 8192 MB RAM
  • ASUS XEON mainboards
  • 500 GB HDD

and meet even the highest requirements.

Rendering from 6.4 cent / GHzh

May 1st 2008: New pricing discounts. Rendering from 6.4 cent / GHzh

REBUSfarm introduces a new staggered discount system which offers a discount up to 60% depending on your rendering volume. Based on the number of submitted project-files this quickly leads to substantial discounts on mid- to large-sized rendering projects.

More detailed information on this can be found on our price list. Our online cost calculator already accounts for the new discount system when estimating your projects.

e-on Software Vue

April 21st 2008: Support of the complete e-on Software Vue 6 portfolio

Rebusfarm announces support of the complete e-on Software portfolio. This includes the stand-alone solution Vue 6 Infinite and the integrated solution Vue 6 xStream for 3D Studio MAX, Cinema 4D and Lightwave. Furthermore all contents of the Cornucopia3D database are accesible.

This provides the user with a complete toolset to create high-quality, natural 3D environments.

Maxwell Render without MXS

April 17th 2008: Rendering with Maxwell Render from project files created in 3dsmax and C4D

By continuously enhancing our rendering farm software we are now able to render projects for Maxwell Render directly from the host-applications 3D Studio MAX, Cinema 4D, Softimage XSI and Maya. Lightwave support will be available soon.

What's special about this?

From now on there's no need for our customers to create an MXS-file (Maxwell Scene Format) for every single frame of animation to be rendered. Instead you can simply send us the single project file from the host-application 3D Studio MAX or Cinema 4D. Therefore the tiresome step of exporting up to thousands of files isn't necessary any more. Furthermore the size of the data-upload turns from gigabytes into megabytes. A lot of projects wouldn't be possible without this improvement.

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